After School Program

LaunchPad offers over fourteen after-school classes every day on the Dobie Middle school campus in Austin Texas, serving hundreds of students weekly. We accomplish this with local partners such as the Austin Film Society, YMCA, Phoenix Arising, Latinitas and many others. One of our key strategic financial partners is ACE/21st Century through the Austin Independent School District.

The LaunchPad After School program is geared towards mentoring and modeling to teach and demonstrate leadership and other essential life skills to help students succeed in their academic and everyday life. Our program also offers morning tutoring classes for students needing that extra assistance to help them improve their grades.

LaunchPad classes are centered on teaching:

Character Education Teaches students that core values are stepping-stones for personal success.
1 Financial Literacy
a key for empowerment and financial management.
1 Leadership a quality that will make them stand-out.
1 Life-skills which are essential in everything we do.
1 Power of Education which is key to accomplish their personal goals and dreams.
1 Robotics A STEM program to introduce future engineers to the power of math and science.
1 Aviation A STEM program in partnership with Phoenix Arising, using the fun of “flight” to teach math and science while also learning how to fly.
1 Cooking by Measurements Using mathematics while learning to cook .
1 Soccer Sportsmanship and exercise in partnership with YMCA.
1 Media/Arts exposing students to creativity in partnership with Latinitas.
1 Film exposing students to the world of film and producing in partnership with Austin Film Society.
1 Creative crafts enabling artistic talents of our students.
1 Chess promoting mental stamina, challenge and competition.

A list of several after school programs that are offered each week.

LaunchPad Students discover dance.

LaunchPad Students enjoy painting.

LaunchPad student create signs to show their support for the Hurricane Sandy victims.

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