Meet The Founders of LaunchPad

David & Rebecca’s story is unique and parallel in many ways. Theirs is a story of the possibilities, hard work and triumph! David and Rebecca’s early start in life was plagued with growing up in a single parent home, poverty, pain, disappointment, and lack of basic emotional, spiritual and physical needs. They share a common thread of both growing up without fathers, without boundaries established in their childhood years and throughout their teens. After years of lacking love and discipline, coupled with many failures, bad personal choices and mistakes, their course was set before them with limited options, lack of opportunities and seemingly certain failure.

It all changed when they each started on their own separate journeys for personal transformations both in their faith journey and unwavering commitment to turn their life around. Over three decades ago, their paths collided when they met in a faith based inner city outreach program where they began to work with inner city youth, married two years later and began their amazing life journey together!  Today they enjoy a marriage of 30+ years with two amazing adult children and a granddaughter.

In March 2008 David and Rebecca Co-Founded LaunchPad (LP). Within the first year of LP, David began by implementing a multi facet program at Dobie Middle School.  David and his LP team ran the Dobie After School program for nine years through Summer 2016.  In the nine years of LP, the LP team served more than 3,000 middle school students and their families through a variety of programs (to learn more see LP timeline link).


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