Impact Stories


Former Student Update

Joey was part of the first LaunchPad “Living for Success” class over eight years ago and faithfully attended the LP program twice a week during his 7th and 8th grade years! He is now graduated from high school and in the Army! He comes from a single parent home with a mom who was relentless about pushing Joey to attend LaunchPad and do well in school! His mother, Maria Hernandez, recently sent us this quote (via text).
“Thank you for all you have poured into our lives. Joey is a perfect example of how kids can overcome obstacles with the help of Launch Pad and a man like Mr. David (founder and Executive Director) in his life! I will forever be grateful and love you guys!”

We are very proud of Joey, God speed to him in his future!

LaunchPad Cares

Watch this impact story. We believe the quality of our communities can lift the quality of our lives.

Real Stories From Students

Watch this impact story from students who have consistently attended the LP program, one student “Christina” is now a freshman in college and another student “Lorena” takes 3 buses every morning to attend a magnet school in Austin”. All have expressed the impact LP has had on their personal life and choices.

Ms. Hernandez

Watch this impact story straight from Ms. Maria Hernandez, Drop Our Prevention Specialist at Dobie Middle School.

Impact of LaunchPad

Watch these impact stories captured by an NBC film crew showcasing the great work LP is doing in the Community.