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David & Rebecca’s story is unique and parallel in many ways.  David & Rebecca have been married for 31 years and live in the Austin, Texas area.


Their personal story is a message of hope, possibilities, hard work and triumph over tremendous challenges! David and Rebecca’s early start in life individually was plagued early on when growing up in single parent homes, poverty, in Rebecca’s case neglect, pain, disappointment, and lack of basic emotional, spiritual and physical needs.  It all changed when they each started on their own separate journeys for transformations both in their faith journey and unwavering commitment and grit to turn their life around. They met in 1988 when their world collided as friends and they began their relationship by serving in the inner city through teen outreach in Austin area high schools and community outreach addressing the violent gang issues in east Austin during the late 1980’s, early 1990’s.



LP Founders

David & Rebecca


Our Giving

LP Gives Locally

LaunchPad serves and partners to give financially to either local organizations already providing support and services or creating a lane to address selected community needs.

LP Gives Internationally

LaunchPad owners have partnered with U.S. outreach ministries to help address physical and spiritual human needs, in some of the most impoverished and remote areas in Latin America.

LP serves a local high school in Round Rock

The LaunchPad team is honored to partner this school year with Success High School on funding a variety of key initiatives for that amazing alternative education campus! One of the key projects was to support stocking their “on campus” food pantry.  This pantry is...

Christmas 2022 Event Highlight

In December 2022 David and Rebecca Contreras threw their students who they mentor and scholarship for further education a Christmas Party where family and loved ones came to celebrate. The students were comprised of boys from David's Success High School (in Round...

LaunchPad Founder David Contreras partners with Success High School in Round Rock Texas – October 2022

LP Founder has been serving as a mentor at Success High School since 2020. This fall, after serving in one of the boy’s leadership classes, we decided to get behind supporting the campus and leadership with a principals fund of $10,000 to go towards incentives for the...

LP Scholarship/Mentoring Program – February 2022

We believe at LP at the core of our values system is investing in and supporting inner city youth and empowering them through mentoring and in support of their educational aspirations. This year in 2022 we are beyond thrilled to launch our first Student Scholarship...

LP founders support Texas Storm disaster in Texas

Donations towards busted pipes, groceries and other needs. So many single moms were impacted during the storms, many of them struggling already with lack of resources much less facing busted pipes and damage to their homes.  LP donated to contribute to repair of pipes...

Partnering with AVANCE : Empowering Underserved Families & Breaking The Cycle of Inter-generational Poverty

This month, March 2021, LP Founders are proud to partner with AVANCE to empower underserved families & help break the cycle of inter-generational poverty through innovative, two generation education and support for families with young children. Please take a...

Empowering Grace365 : Table of Grace

LP Founders are proud to partner with Grace365 by financially supporting their cause, through the Contreras Family Foundation Fund, in aiding local children and youth in the foster care system by providing emergency shelter services. Please take a minute to learn...

Goodwill of Austin Excel Center Support

Goodwill of Austin Excel Center Support: October 2020 David & Rebecca  recently supported the GoodWill of Austin Excel Center which is an amazing program that supports youth and young adults in obtaining their high school diploma or GED and help put them on a...

LP Teams Up To Serve 500 medical staff at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center – May 6, 2020

LP teamed up with AvantGarde, LLC and small businesses Taco Man 512 and The Peached Tortilla for big win, serving 500 meals to hard working medical staff at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center. https://youtu.be/y4aZbEKALwY

LP Teams Up To Serve Austin Police Dept. 500 meals – May 9, 2020

LP linking arms with Taco Man 512, AvantGarde, LLC, King’s Hawaiian, and The Peached Tortilla to serve 500 meals to Austin Police Department. https://youtu.be/PKo1ThXrNpU

LP Gives to Jeremiah’s Family Ministry (Kenya) 2021

LaunchPad is empowering Jeremiah Family Ministry (JFM) this year by paying for 20 primary schoolers education in Kenya.JFM's mission statement : "Jeremiah's Family Ministry empowers children and their community to overcome poverty through the provision of a loving...

LaunchPad’s International Ministry Support in Central America

Theses photos represent a micro perspective into the work just beginning in Lourdes Colon, Salvador & Choluteca, Honduras. In a barrio in El Salvador, masks were provided for a refuge home for abused women along with hygiene kits and food for them and their...

LP Achi Ministry Outcome

LP Achi Ministry Outcome Click link below for full PDF on LP an Achi. 2018-10_219691-achi_ministry-outcome-rg-v03_PAGES

LP Helps in The Middle East : Trauma Healing in Jordan and Palestine General Support

LP Helps in The Middle East : Trauma Healing in Jordan and Palestine General Support Click this link below for full PDF. 2018-12_186116_Middle East-RContreras_outcome[1]

LP Helps Give The Bible in the Indigenous Language: Achi of Cubulco

LP Helps Give The Bible in the Indigenous Language: Achi of Cubulco Project ID: 77135 Testimonies of translators and promoter September 20th, 2019. Cubulco, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala 1. Magdalena Antret Chicaj. “I was part of the group of translators from 2011 until it...

LP in Guatemala: God’s Word in the Heart Language of the Achí People

LP in Guatemala: God’s Word in the Heart Language of the Achí People Click this link below for status report 77135-Guatemala-Achi-Translation_Literacy-1016-status[1]

LP Helps Launch the Achi de Cubulco Bible

LP Helps Launch the Achi de Cubulco Bible In the community of Cubulco, Baja Verapaz, they celebrated the first Bible in Achi de Cubulco on Saturday, September 21, 2019. The people celebrated the completion of the Bible translation with a parade and a celebration....

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