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Our Mission

We believe that young people are the next generation of leaders in our community and that supporting healthy communities can lift the quality of our lives. Our mission is to reach and work with disadvantaged inner-city youth, to equip them and empower their lives through mentoring, development of their individual growth and supporting their understanding of role and power that education and professional development plays in each individual person.

We believe that every young person has God given potential to have an opportunity to grow, thrive and life their best life.  We accomplish our mission by mentoring, character education, leadership, and life skills, encouraging healthy drug free living and supporting the “holistic” young person in other viable areas of need. 


We also support overall community impact and strive to love and serve our community in need.

Our Founders

David Contreras


David is passionate about communities, particularly those underserved. He has dedicated his life to youth empowerment and addressing the systemic ills often plagued in inner city communities. To learn more about David click below.

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Rebecca Contreras


Rebecca’s story is compelling and powerful. Her journey began in hopelessness, poverty and failure but her personal and professional story – recounted in her recent bestselling book LostGirl  -  has become a source of great inspiration to many across the nation. To learn more about Rebecca click below.

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Our History

During the first decade, when LaunchPad (LP) operated exclusively within Dobie Middle School in Northeast Austin, our in-school programs and community outreach made a profound impact on over 5,000 families. Our community engagement extended to organizing an annual "Parent University Class," designed not only to familiarize parents with teachers, counselors, and administration but also to feature local professionals who emphasized the crucial role of school attendance and education. LP's outreach efforts further encompassed the annual support of special holidays, providing Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts and food supplies. The annual "Hombre a Hombre" (Man to Man) Festival - a one-day community celebration highlighting the influence of mentorship among young men - attracted fathers, male caretakers, and entire families. These large-scale festivals featured car shows, a variety of food options, games, and family activities, serving as opportunities to inspire, challenge, and support the community, education, and families as a whole.

For six of those ten  years LP provided all after school or after-hours programming on campus. We served 130 students each week to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, so in any given school year calendar we would serve and impact the majority of the school student population. We also provided a summer program and community service program for students, serving approximately 600 to 700 students per school year.

Our community stakeholders and partnerships have been both strategic and highly valued. These entities include The University of Texas- Project M.A.L.E.S, University of Texas School of Sociology, Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC), Austin Police Department (APD), Glimmer of Hope Foundation, McDonald’s (Ustariz Owner-Operator), Walmart, 21st Century Grants, Mr. Appliance, MDE Latino.

In 2022-2023 LP shifted into a mentoring and foundation capacity at the high school level. LP partnered with Phoenix Arising Young Men’s Group exclusively serving at Success High School in Round Rock, TX. Each Tuesday we hold large male-only group discussions regarding challenges, issues, focus and the importance of graduation.  Each Thursday we hold a one-on-one weekly mentoring session with students from the Tuesday group.

The LP scholarship program is in its infancy stages, with much growth planned. We currently sponsor two post education scholarships, one for community college the second for vocational electrical certification.

Us in Numbers


Students Served




Scholarships Awarded (2 years and growing)


Community Partners

We’ve Been Covered

everything we do at LP is based on a deeply held value of doing what you say, meaning what you say, and living by integrity. At LP our word is our bond.


at LP we serve people, particularly those in need. What we do is based on the premise that Jesus served People and commands us to serve and support “the widowed, the orphaned, the poor”.  As LP founders have a deep faith in the Christian tenants, they live their values in this core area.

Service to People

at LP we believe the very tenant of all we do is love. Truly love conquers all.  People need to know you love and care for them and they have value.   

We Lead With Love

at LP loyalty is central to our mission.  When people believe you stand by them and they can count on you, magic happens. This has great significance in life because it will impact individuals in so many ways over the course of a lifetime.


At LP we believe that every young person we work with has strong potential to succeed.  LP Founder David often refers to his students as “diamonds in the rough”. We are strong believers of human God-given potential and do what we can to stir up creativity, talent, and support the entire student in their success to live their best life.

Believe in the Potential

Reflected in all that we do.

  1. Integrity

  2. Service to People

  3. We Lead with Love

  4. Loyalty

  5. Believe in the Potential

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

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