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Growing up fatherless, David took a path of least resistance and ended up as a teen and young adult on the path of addiction, failure, crime, and hopelessness. Losing his father at age 5 and with a single mom left to raise 5 kids, David’s home life lacked guidance and direction. Always drawn to the underachievers, it was easy to be average and settle for mediocrity. On the same course with his partners in crime, David was certain to join their ranks in overdose, prison, or an early death. A real and defining moment with a supernatural encounter and intervention took place when David was turning 25 that would change his course and redirect his life to make transformative shifts and connect him with his true destiny.

He began to serve in a small East Austin Community Outreach program through a local church and eventually became a community leader in Austin through his inner-city gang outreach initiative in the late 80s early 90s, where he met his wife Rebecca before they married in 1990. 

Professionally David spent 10+ years in the high-tech industry working for SEMATECH and Applied Materials. In January 2001 he and his family moved to Washington DC where he was asked to join President Bush’s first term serving in several roles including as a political appointee to the Small Business Administration then as Deputy Director for the President’s Faith Based & Community Initiatives Program. While serving as Deputy Director, he had the great honor to be a key leader in advancing the President’s initiative across the US opening the doors for faith-based institutions to receive millions of dollars for Community outreach causes.  He served along with his wife Rebecca, who was serving in the White House, as the only Hispanic couple working in the Bush Administration. 

In 2008, David, in partnership with his wife, formed their 501c3 LaunchPad.  From 2008 – 2018 he served full-time as the Executive Director and led large scale after school programs, parent education programs serving thousands of inner-city youth and families in northeast Austin. David also worked in partnership with the Austin Police Department (APD) on a large-scale initiative to revitalize the northeast Rundberg area called “Restore Rundberg”.

Today, David he remains the co-founder of LaunchPad and is semi-retired and focuses his time on his family, managing several of his investment properties and serving to mentor young boys and men through LaunchPad. 

David has been married to his wife Rebecca for over 33+ years. They have two adult children and two grandchildren.   

David Contreras

David is passionate about communities, particularly those underserved. He has dedicated his life to youth empowerment and addressing the systemic ills often plagued in inner city communities.

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