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We believe at LP at the core of our values system is investing in and supporting inner city youth and empowering them through mentoring and in support of their educational aspirations. In 2022 we were beyond thrilled to launch our first Student Scholarship/Mentorship Program through LaunchPad. We invested the first $25,000 to support students in two schools in the ATX area: Success High School and Crocket High School.  LP provided partial scholarship to students for the Fall 2022 year as they pursued higher education or a vocational/trade school of their choice. LP has worked with the High School Academic counselor to identify the students in need. In addition, we teamed up with a Professor at UT to help with tuition costs for additional young men already enrolled at UT. Our Mentorship program has ongoing consistent meeting times for both boy and girl students in the program, the goal is to check in on their education journey, short- and long-term career and life goals and overall health and wellness for their mind and self-worth/self-respect.

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