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LaunchPad's Current Initiatives

Our Initiatives

Young Men Mentoring & Leadership Program

LP Founder David offers a mentoring and leadership program to young men, some out of a non-traditional high school in Round Rock, TX, and others through a local juvenile center in Williamson County. The mentoring and leadership program supports student growth by learning to navigate their decisions and take the action steps needed for improving their lives and future. To see recent outreach through the LP mentoring  program click below.


“Working with LaunchPad were the best years of my career. Our dropout rate at Dobie Middle School was outrageous and every student who was sent to David’s program successfully completed it and did not become a drop out statistic. He changed these students’ lives! He spent a lot of time and invested into those students that really needed it and probably would have never had another chance to be successful otherwise.”


- Maria Hernandez, Former Drop Out Prevention Specialist, Dobie Middle School

“Success High School is privileged to have collaborated with LaunchPad. This Scholarship and mentoring opportunity grants our young men funds to begin their academic journey after graduating from high school. LaunchPad continues mentoring them as they complete their career training. They mentor them along the way and assist in their navigation through their post- secondary education. We are very inspired and appreciative of their work with our young men.”


- Alberto Z. Perez, Counselor, Success High School

"LaunchPad was designed to help students achieve personal empowerment and actualize any goals, not just those directly related to academics. Mr. David and his entire LaunchPad team worked tirelessly with students during their after-school meetings, and I know how deeply impacted our shared students were as a result.”

- Christy Barrett, Retired AVID campus coordinator, Dobie College Prep Academy

“Middle school was the first time I had seen drugs, violence, and gangs in person, yet somehow I felt comfort in all of this because I fit in well with all of the other kids who came from similar backgrounds where these types of things were common. At first I saw the LaunchPad afterschool program as only an incentive from the school to earn credits for absences, but soon I began to look forward to attending. The impactful speakers, individual attention from mentors, and witnessing the success stories of those who had faced similar situations planted a seed of hope. While it didn't solve my home issues, Launchpad equipped me with the tools to envision a different future. It was a true blessing in my life.”

- Christian, Former LP Student

Girls of Legacy

In March of 2022, during Women’s History Month, LP founder Rebecca launched the Girls of Legacy scholarship and mentoring program, benefiting disadvantaged girls out of Title 1 schools as they begin fulfilling their dreams of post high school higher education or professional development training. Ten high school senior girls – all identified as promising yet at-risk students – were chosen to participate in the Girls of Legacy program. These amazing young women received partial scholarships and have been mentored throughout their first years of higher education or formal training certification programs.  To learn more about Girls of Legacy click below.

Global Outreach Advocacy & Community Impact

LaunchPad extends a compassionate hand both locally and globally, fostering positive change in communities near and far. Locally our outreach is dedicated to creating opportunities for a brighter future right in our own backyard. Simultaneously, our global outreach connects to women and children in Central America, Africa, and the Middle East who have faced the harsh realities of trauma and regional conflict.

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