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Empowering Grace365 : Table of Grace

LP Founders are proud to partner with Grace365 by financially supporting their cause, through the Contreras Family Foundation Fund, in aiding local children and youth in the foster care system by providing emergency shelter services. Please take a minute to learn about Grace365: Table of Grace by reading and visiting the links below!

Central Texas Table of Grace (CTTG) is an award winning 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to provide emergency shelter services to the children and youth in the foster care system, and offers Supervised Independent Living Program via our “Grace365” program.

• Established in 2014, 20 employees • HQ in Round Rock, TX

Formed by Stacy Johnson, a former foster child, who recognized the need for temporary shelter for displaced children. CTTG’s mission is accomplished by addressing critical need of emergency housing and care for displaced children and youth through local initiatives and targeted outreach programming, coupled with best practices in management and accountability. Dedicated to helping each child and young adult to reach his or her individual potential by encouraging wholesome habits such as perseverance, focusing on goals, and personal responsibility. For more check out this pdf flyer Grace365 Flyer

KXAN Story : Table of Grace: Remarkable Woman Stacy Johnson opens shelter to ‘help kids like me’

Austin Local Story : STACY JOHNSON, Founder and CEO, Central Texas Table of Grace

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