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LP Founder, Rebecca Contreras partnered with Women's focused non-profit Mercy Multiplied Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee

In conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of Mercy Ministries, I recently re-connected with the Founder of Mercy Multiplied Nancy Alcorn. Mercy is an organization creating tremendous impact in saving lives and supporting young women in need. Through our non-profit LaunchPad, I have supported the donation of “LostGirl” books to the Mercy Home that houses forty girls in Nashville, Tennessee. I first met Nancy during my time in the White House serving POTUS George W Bush. She and her team have been deeply engaged in supporting young women through their unplanned pregnancies by offering an alternative to adoption and supporting them (in housing, medical and other care), throughout their pregnancy. Mercy now has five homes in the US and in the past 40 years has helped and served thousands of young women and babies. Mercy has expanded and offers many services to the young women in their program. I know what it is like to struggle with that complex decision that often young women must make when facing a crisis in an unplanned pregnancy to choose life. I share my full story as a young teen mom in my book “LostGirl” and choosing life was one of the best decisions I ever made. As Mercy celebrates their 40th year as a ministry, I am just thrilled to support the young women in their program by donating my book “LostGirl” for their encouragement.

God speed to Mercy as they move into their 41st year serving young women!

To learn more about Mercy visit,

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