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LP Gives to Jeremiah’s Family Ministry (Kenya) 2021

LaunchPad is empowering Jeremiah Family Ministry (JFM) this year by paying for 20 primary schoolers education in Kenya.

JFM’s mission statement :

“Jeremiah’s Family Ministry empowers children and their community to overcome poverty through the provision of a loving home, a meaningful education, and spiritual transformation.”

Core Values

  • Spirituality: Gospel Living, Family / Community, Self-identity

  • Education: Formal Education, Vocational Education, Leadership Education

  • Wellness: Safe Housing, Nutritious Food, Self-care, Healthcare, Trauma-care

A word from JFM’s team – Beatrice Dusing.

I, Beatrice, experienced extreme poverty growing up in Kenya. I remember sometimes going without meals, my family struggling to find money for school, and working hard as a family to earn a few meager coins. Today the Lord has blessed me, and my heart is to help those that are frequently overlooked by the community and their own family; thereby, transforming poverty into promise. Our heart is to serve young girls rescued from early marriage and children from abusive homes and orphanhood. Once the children are at JFM’s children’s home we focus on our core values of gospel spirituality, education, and wellness. “I came to give life – life in all its fullness.” John 10:10 Before connecting with Rebecca through Crystaline of Bella Eden we were worried that JFM would not be able to serve our core value of education and send these children to school. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Kenya more drastically than the U.S., and Jeremiah’s Family Ministry’s resources have been stretched thin. We are truly grateful for Rebecca’s and David’s generosity and the heart to serve!

For more on JFM and to support their mission – please visit

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