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WILCO Juvenile Justice Center Christmas Outreach

The LaunchPad team is proud to have supported the Williamson County Juvenile and Detention Center during the past December 2023. During the holiday season, LP sponsored gift cards and goodie bags for the faculty and students in the Center. We understand that the students in this facility face a variety of challenges and have made poor choices at times, but we believe that they have the potential to achieve success when they are supported, encouraged, and at times held accountable. During our campus tour with the Principal, we had the opportunity to meet each of the teachers who are dedicated to the student's success. We are grateful for these teachers and consider them the "local heroes" in our community, who are making a difference and investing in the academic futures of these students. As we enter a new school year, we look forward to finding more ways to support the Center as it continues to do such important work in our community!

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